A Taste of Paris: Maison Blanche

A Taste of Paris: Maison Blanche

A Taste of Paris: Maison Blanche

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do… and eat far too much food.

That was my whole motive when booking my tickets for a weekend in Paris. Eat, drink and be happy. My cousins came across this restaurant, Maison Blanche, during the stages of our planning and booked us in for 8:30pm with the Degustation menu.

The restaurant is a spacious, lush rooftop patio situated close to the Eiffel Tower, resulting in some of the best views of paris.


As a westerner, I found it odd to be the first people at the restaurant at 8:30pm. I was puzzled as the hostess said they were fully booked, and we sat there for nearly an hour, being exclusively catered to by the staff with champagne, rolls and gougères. But as I found out, people seem to eat much later into the evenings, and most restaurants are open until midnight or later. By 10pm, the restaurant was packed and the Eiffel tower was flickering brilliantly in the dark, as the last remains of sunlight disappeared on the horizon.

Chef Fabrice Giraud was the creator of our menu that night, and below are images of his work from that delicious evening.


View from both patios at Maison Blanche, both of which boast marvellous views of the Eiffel Tower.


Pre-dinner Champagne as the sun began to set.


Gougères (AKA french cheese puffs) for a light snack with our Champagne.


Spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower from the Patio


A basket of assorted, crunchy rolls came around periodically as we waited for our first dish to come out.


Tomatoes selection – Roasted, plain, dried in syrup, creamy burrata and grated botargo


Duck foie gras from southwest – Tomatoes’ jelly and “pied bleu” mushrooms with vinegar


Melon from Charente – In iced soup with Timut pepper, ricotta and Cebo ham


Fillet of Black Angus – Velvety sauce and courgette purée with pearl onions


Palate cleanser before dessert.


The “Mara des bois” strawberries – On a panna cotta with Madagascar Vanilla, strawberry and basil sorbet


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