A Weekend Away with Brewster Travel

A Weekend Away with Brewster Travel

A Weekend Away with Brewster Travel

This past weekend I had the opportunity to experience Brewster’s Date Night Package in Banff National Park. After having done a giveaway on the package deal on my IG account, Brewster generously gave me my own weekend away to book and enjoy up until the end April when the promotion finishes. It was a much needed rest from a very busy month at work. Working full time and then trying to manage a photography side business, personal relationships and family time can sometimes be overwhelming, so it was nice to be able to spend the weekend with no worries.

The weekend starts at $79 per person which in my opinion, is an incredible deal for what you are getting. Here is a breakdown of the date night package;

$79/Person* at the Elk + Avenue

Package includes:

$99/Night* at the Elk + Avenue

Package includes:

*Price is per person, per night, based on double occupancy, Sunday to Thursday, weekend rates available starting from $99. Available November 1, 2016 – April 30, 2017, subject to availability. Book online or call to speak with one of our reservations agents directly at 1-877-442-2623.

I decided to spend the weekend with my mom (who was all to eager to accompany me) and it turned out to be the most beautiful conditions as we drove up after work with the sun beaming in the windows and (what appeared to be) most of Calgary heading up to enjoy the nice weather as well.

Upon arriving we noticed immediately that what was formerly known as The Banff International Hotel, had been replaced and redesigned by the Elk + Avenue Hotel… and the facelift was dramatic.

What was once a rather dated looking hotel had been ripped apart and replaced by a beautiful new look.

We checked in immediately so we could drop our stuff off and head back out to make our 5:30pm reservation at the Sky Bistro. The lobby was beautiful and bright, with lots of wood accents, sparkly lighting and trendy new decor.

I was excited to see the changes they had made to the rooms, and after we were helped and directed to our rooms by the friendly staff, we located the elevator and headed up to our room.

The lobby renovations weren’t the only impressive improvement to the hotel. The rooms were fantastic! As soon as we got into our room, complete with 2 queen sized beds, a complimentary bottle of wine, and free breakfast vouchers for Ricky’s we fell in love with not only the affordability of this place but the quality that came with it.

The rooms were decorated with little Canadian accents here and there and the warm wood panelling brightened the room up and made the experience feel less like a typical hotel and more like a comfortable bedroom at home.

Everything was simple and minimal but it felt refreshing to be in a space that felt like it was designed for the modern day traveller. I absolutely loved the lighting above the bed and the furry pillows against the white duvet and sheets.

For the price, I was beyond impressed. After settling in, we freshened up and then scooted off to the Gondola to utilize our Brewster Advantage. I wasn’t entirely clear what this was, but what I noticed was that it was only going to be available until the end of April. Here is what it includes;

Brewster Advantage Member Benefits from October 17, 2016 – April 30, 2017
  • 2 for 1 on admission to the Banff Gondola
  • Recieve 15% off all retail purchases at the Banff Gondola*
  • Recieve 15% off food and beverages at the Banff Gondola
Since we had booked the $99/Night deal, we got a credit towards our meal and were able to order 2 dishes each from the menu as well. This was exciting as the menu is fantastic (i’d been once before already) and I couldn’t wait to indulge in some crab doughnuts.

After a delicious meal (and a couple of Gin & Tonics), we went back to our hotel to relax and chat over some wine before calling it a night. Something about that crisp mountain air exhausts me and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out for the count.

The next morning we were met with low clouds and it was pretty chilly as well… but that was perfect as we were headed off the Banff Hot Springs with our free vouchers.

Before leaving, we enjoyed Eggs Benny at Rickys with our complimentary breakfast vouchers and enjoyed a couple cups of coffee before checking out around 9:30am.

We arrived at the Hot Springs 10:00am (opening time), and i would STRONGLY recommend doing that, especially on a Saturday as it gets really busy with sore ski families later in the day. It was empty when we arrived and we enjoyed a nice soak until it started to get busy. We spent the afternoon walking down the famous main street of Banff, and finished off our shopping by grabbing a coffee at Evelyn’s, the local (and very popular) coffee shop.

By this time the clouds had cleared and the sun was beaming down. It was so warm we could sit outside with our coffee and pass the time people watching before heading home feeling happy and well rested.

Ultimately this weekend away was something I would definitely do again. It presents all the iconic and scenic parts of Banff in a trendy new environment and at a really affordable price. While it is designed to be a romantic getaway, its also ideal for a girls night or a ski weekend with a couple friends.

So next time you don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg for a night at the iconic Banff Springs or Rimrock Hotel, I would consider the Elk + Avenue. The value is tremendous and the service was excellent.

Am I coming back in the future? No question about it.

Thank you Brewster!

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