Boda Skins in the Canadian Rockies

Boda Skins in the Canadian Rockies

Boda Skins in the Canadian Rockies

September was one of those rough months where a million and one changes unexpectedly land in your lap. To put it in less eloquent terms, it royally sucked. I don’t think i’ve ever felt as burnt out this year as I did throughout last month.. and quite a lot of work got put on the back burner.

Sometimes the resiliency of the human spirit amazes me, even though our deepest lows, we somehow adapt and persevere… often learning a new lesson by the end of it. By the end of September I realized it was time to get back to work, photography and product reviewing was something I was passionate about and took great joy in. So opened up my closet to start reviewing some of my favourite brands and makers for 2017.

First on my list was Boda Skins, bespoke leather jackets. A perfect one to start off with.

Boda Skins was a company that reached out to me earlier in the summer and sent me one of their jackets to add to my Autumn wardrobe. I had it sitting in my closet for a while as I worked through the issues of life, but finally managed to make some good use out of it while visiting Banff National Park at the beginning of September.

I think that the collection already speaks for itself really, it was a tough job trying to pick out a favourite but I settled on the simple bomber style as I’m not a big fan of too much detailing. Each jacket is handmade with Napa leather and carefully designed by Nathan Alexander, the founder of Boda Skins. His motivation to create BODA came, quite simply, from the love of leather jackets. To Nathan, they were the epitome of cool and when he had the chance to design the ultimate leather jacket, it gave birth to the label, Boda Skins. The jacket I received was incredibly soft and had a customized, engraved tag with my name on it.

I spent a long weekend taking photos at Vermilion lakes, ending up with so many compliments on my jacket as I ventured back into Banff for lunch at Park Distillery. It reminded me that there really is something timeless about a leather jacket, and for a second I could understand a small measure of Nathans passion.

7 years later… the popularity of the brand has exploded worldwide. What I love most about Boda as well is that it’s really about rock and roll, making people feel remarkable in what they are wearing and for someone who spends a lot of time in the mountains, what I wear isn’t normally something I worry about. But this jacket not only appeals to my lifestyle from a design perspective, but its a practical choice for a day out in Banff or a walk around Bow Falls.

Due to high demand, the business expanded and opened up the first “House of Boda” based in Manchester, UK, and in 2015 Boda Skins opened its second House of Boda in Colorado USA. The brand has equipped celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Ruby Rose and Olivia Palermo, making it a must-have brand for many young women. It was encouraging to see how successful a small designer can become with perseverance and dedication to the product.

It was a pleasure to add it to my wardrobe. Not only is the price is reasonable for the quality, but the selection is diverse and I was very impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. But i’m interested in your take on the brand. Thoughts?


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