Product: Love Your Feet – Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Product: Love Your Feet – Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Product: Love Your Feet – Rocky Mountain Soap Company


After a very stressful January and equally frustrating February… i’m back to share a few new delightful suggestions and product reviews from my favourite mountain maker. This little kit from Rocky Mountain Soap Company has been a lifesaver for me since I first came across the foot salts nearly 5 years ago. After going through a great deal of emotional stress at that time, I bought them at the downtown location in Calgary and have been a huge fan ever since. The soothing smell of Fir Needle combined with the light and sweet smell of Grapefruit has been a personal favourite of mine and continues to aid me after long hikes or a stressful work day in heels.

The newest to the foot care clan is the ‘Serious Scrub’, which can ultimately be used for any rough and weathered area of the body that needs some exfoliating. However, it pairs perfectly with the salts, butter and foot spray to create a mini Pedicure kit with all the right elements to treat your feet right. The serious scrub is made with Pumice, making it much more intense than any of the regular sugar scrubs so it should not be used on sensitive areas. I love that feeling of having your skin “breathe” after exfoliating and this scrub definitely does the trick. Its especially good for those rough edges of the heels and toes, I can’t wait to use it after my next hike. It smells amazing, with a combination of pine and orange, it leaves your senses utterly revitalized.


As i’ve mentioned in my previous post, Rocky Mountain Soap Company is 100% committed to provided products that are toxin-free, both to the body, and the environment. So not only are these products safe, but they are respectful of the environment that essentially gave birth to their existence. Every time RMSC comes out with a new product, I am amazed at how much I learn about the restorative properties of the plants around us.

Something interesting that i’ve noticed since incorporating both Saje Wellness and RMSC into my skincare routine is that my senses have begun to reject the artificial scents in other brands of skincare and pick up on the organic ones. I’m not one to demonize another business, and I certainly would never pinpoint another company for not using organic ingredients. That being said, it does amaze me what the brain is capable of and how simple essential oils can cause us to immediately destress, feel revitalized, or even send us off to sleep.


Aside from the Serious Scrub, there are a couple more products that i’ve loved incorporating into my foot care regime. The first one being the Fir Needle Foot butter. I cant even begin to tell you how AMAZING this smells.. and how many times i’ve slathered it on my feet before getting into bed (note: wear socks after application). I have 2 sticks of the full sized foot butter and a mini one (pictured) for when i travel.. it’s THAT amazing!! Because I love my ‘woodsy’ scents, i think that the cedarwood, pine and fir needle scents always appeal to me the most.. it’s the perfect “Canadian Rockies” scent, if you know what I mean.


The last item on my list is the Cool Feet + Aromatherapy spray.. This spray is good for any time of day but is most delightful after a sweaty run. The tea tree oil is a natural germ eliminator which is fantastic and the menthol in the peppermint leaves your tootsies feeling cool and refreshed. I didn’t start using this product until recently, so its still fairly new to my daily rituals but its found a new home in the pocket of my workout bag and helps me feel like less of a sweaty, gross slob when I leave the facility.

Sound off below with your favourites!

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Comments ( 14 )

  • Katie Pollard

    This looks amazing! Love hearing about companies that care about the impact of their products. Fingers crossed for the giveaway! @katiepollard20

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thanks so much for commenting Katie! I really love RMSC and they are so honest about their product, its inspiring to see. You are still entered to win next weeks give away for the “love your hands” gift set (check it out on their site to see how it looks ahead of time) thanks again!

  • miranda

    Love this and all Rocky mountain products they’re a great company (mirandarssll)

  • Mary

    Sounds great, would love to try these products!

  • Kevin

    My feet are gross so these products sound amazing! RMSC has the right idea by staying toxin-free! Also, and obviously not an attempt at brown-nosing, but your site looks REALLY good! Well done!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Haha! Thank you for your honesty. It is really appreciated! They have a really honest approach to their business and i think its fantastic. I would definitely suggest the Foot Salts, they are Fir Needle and grapefruit and work WONDERS after a long hike. You are still entered to win the “love your hands” giveaway so stay tuned for next saturday! Thanks for the support and lovely comment, its much appreciated!

  • Throughlens4

    Cool! Would love to try them


  • Jared White

    First, all the good: 1. As always, your pictures are beautiful, 2. I love the simplicity and sleekness of your site (aka, it’s pretty and loads quickly), 3. I love how you can zoom in on photos in your journal entries, because the pics are beautiful and deserve to be looked at in their larger beauty, 🙂 4. You could tell your love of the products you’re promoting, your portfolio is lovely, and it’s nice you mix some more personal posts with the product ones.

    The not so good: 1. As you scroll through various posts an alert message pops up periodically in the middle of the screen which says, “Alert: Content is protected!” Maybe this is intentional but it’s rather disruptive to the experience, 2. Once you go to your portfolio and click on a category, if you then click on the “View Product” it opens a duplicate page in a new tab, 3. I’m confused as to the difference between “Blog” and “Journal,” is the blog for product stuff and journal for more personal entries? 4. This may be a personal preference, but I like to be able to right click things (like something in the portfolio or a journal entry) so I can open them in a new tab, but on your site you can’t. In other words, keep the main menu of an area open and then open individual elements in other tabs. Maybe that’s a security feature that you have set up to keep people from copy and pasting things?

    Sorry this is so long. Website testing is something I do on the side, so I couldn’t help being thorough. Overall, beautiful site. Good luck on this new venture.

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thank you so so much for taking the time to write this and give me some honest feedback on the site. I appreciate the constructive criticism and the compliments provided in your post!

      The alert message popping up is definitely odd, so i will look into that and see if it can be minimized. It doesn’t pop up for me unless i double click, but its good to know your experience is different and I’ll see how i can change that. Also, I have noticed the “view product” does direct you to the same page, but the portfolio is going to eventually connect to my online store so that function is useless at the moment (however it will be useful and working properly soon once i get the store running!) So that’s why that tab is doing that for the time being.

      The separation of Blog and Journal is a method for me to separate promotional work from my personal down time. My travel experiences are purely my life, my thoughts and my happy moments… and I felt it necessary to keep it separated from my blog, which is primarily a place for promoting companies I really love and people i’ve worked with or find interesting. Perhaps by calling my Journal “travel Journal” this would be made more clear?

      In regards to the right click, its 100% for security purposes. My primary focus was to protect my portfolio.. but i understand how its frustrating on the blog/journal side of things. I really wanted my viewers to have a full experience when it came to viewing images before deciding to hire me or purchase my work, so I opted for a larger view format to make up for the fact that the images are protected and cant be opened in a new window.

      Thanks very much for the detailed feedback! It is very much appreciated!!

  • Davina Alexandra

    Hi Chloe,
    Just discovered your new site. I’ve been loving your feed since a long time and your photos are a real daily inspiration.
    Great work on the website, I didn’t know you were also photographing portraits etc. it’s nice to see some more information about you.
    The brands you are working with totally fit with your style- I really love this hand and feet kit.
    Keep on the good work!
    Love from holland ,
    Davina @bydavina

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Hi Davina! Hope you are well

      Thanks so much for the lovely words. It’s really nice to be able to showcase my work on a broader platform. IG is basically a hobby for me, but my site really expresses how I can be a benefit to others and Im so excited to develop the store side of it more.

      I will add onto this post later this week with an image of the Love your hands gift set (its available to view on the RMSC website as well) but it’s a good one! There’s A great mixture of products inside.

      Thanks again for the kind comment! <3

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