Product: My Perfect Little Travel Kit

Product: My Perfect Little Travel Kit

Product: My Perfect Little Travel Kit


Today was a good day.

There isn’t anything that feels better than receiving a package in the mail, especially in the midst of a long and draggy Wednesday afternoon. So that in mind, I wasn’t waiting until I got home to open up my goodies. I love opening up boxes from Saje Natural Wellness, they smell so organic and fresh. Luckily, they ARE 100% organic and safe for the skin (and also Canadian, woohoo!).

Inside, tightly packed, lay my much anticipated Travel Safe Kit and Arnica Rescue Ointment i’d seen advertised on the Saje IG page. It couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time as I was in the midst of planning a (much needed) hike up to Rawson Lake over the weekend.

For anyone who is looking for a compact aromatherapy KIT to take with them outdoors or abroad, this is the one for you. Not only is it ideal for hiking and outdoor activity, but it also soothes the sickish, jet lag feelings that comes with a long plane journey. I think we all feel pretty icky after a 9 hour trip with or without multiple connections, not to mention the pounding headaches from red eye flights, the constant chatter, and at times hyper children. It’s stressful, crammed, and often germs are lurking on every handle and button, just waiting to ruin your holiday with a stomach bug or cold. However, this handy kit minimizes the chances of that happening.

Below is a list of the contents and a little explanation of each one and their remedies (fabulous girly photography by yours truly);


  1. Arrive Revival (Mist Spray) – I have a similar travel size one for Yoga, but this one is for revival instead of relaxation. It smells dang good… super citrusy tones with Eucalyptus to clear the respiratory system. The combination of these two ingredients creates alertness and reduces the drowsiness and fatigue usually felt upon arriving in a new time zone. (This will definitely be in my pocket during my Europe trip this year!).

  2. Restoral Healing Skin Ointment- At first whiff, this stuff smells STRONG, but also cleansing. This little tin contains Pine Tar which traditionally has been used to relieve rashes and itchy skin. It is used to treat skin conditions like Eczema, but also relieves achy muscles and joints. After sitting on a plane, or in a car for what feels like eternity, often I get a sore back and this ointment will help relieve that pain and any other injuries and aches.

  3. Arrive Revival (Topical Oil)- Ultimately, the benefits are the same as the Mist spray, but it is applied topically in a rollerball tube. Suggested application areas are the temples, under chin, wrists and palms of hands. Rub in to the area of your preference, and inhale deeply. Another good product to use is the Peppermint Halo remedy.. which is PERFECT for anyone who suffers from headaches or migraines while flying (or any time for that matter lol). The warming and cooling action works to reduce pain and pounding, while the sedative qualities relieve tension and balance the nerves. I use it after Yoga and before bed. The Revival mist is great for the morning.

  4. Eater’s Digest – This was a new product for me and I had no idea it existed.  This rollerball is designed to sooth the digestive system. Ultimately it is to help soothe the effects of stomach discomfort and is an aromatherapy remedy, not something you ingest. It has a strong liquorice scent… which I later identified as Fennel. There are also hints of peppermint and chamomile, both of which are great soothing, natural ingredients for the body. Areas for application are suggested as stomach, liver, small intestine and large intestine areas. Apply in a circular motion in area of preference for relief.

  5. Safe Hands- Probably my favourite item in the kit. This Lotion is definitely something I will continue to buy over and over. I’ve used it a few times already, but the travel size is perfect to bring on the plane with me. Not only does it smell amazing (VERY earthy and organic) but it also works as an antimicrobial.. which means it prevents fungi and bacteria from spreading. While antibacterial products prevent the development of bacteria, antimicrobial agents such as alcohol-based hand sanitizers prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. They are often confused or seen as the same thing. This lotion is certainly ideal for the plane or any other public transport, giving off a fresh scent and also protecting you from potential sickness at the same time.

  6. Travel Safe Booklet- Refer to this little booklet to give you more information on all the products including their medicinal purposes, ingredients and risks.


Additionally, I also got a tin of the Arnica Rescue which comes in a sturdy amber tin with a screw on lid (great for chucking in my backpack). This item in particular really suits my needs when it comes to hiking. I tend to be a clumsy idiot, I bash into things, trip over tree roots (usually while looking through my camera viewfinder) and skinning my knees. My shoulder muscles are often extremely sore after lugging camera bags and tripods up the trails for a good 3-4 hours. Arnica is well known for being a great natural remedy for bruises, but is also really good for insect bites, sprains and swelling due to fractures. It’s great to have a product that I can take with me anywhere that is 100% natural and effective for my clumsiness.


We just got to slog through Thursday and Friday, and the weekend will finally be here. But at least I know what little kit i’ll be taking with me on the trail!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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  • Maria Acker

    Wow, I will definitely be looking into this kit. Seems perfect for the plane, especially when you aren’t sure if the area has been wiped down!

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