Product: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Product: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Product: Rocky Mountain Soap Company


It gives me immense pleasure to start my new blog off with a company that began in the heart of the rockies. Rocky Mountain Soap Company is one that I have been supporting since I was in high school and over the years I’ve seen new shops popping up all over the country. Rocky Mountain Soap Company handcrafts the most delightful natural and Toxin-Free bath and body products in Canmore, Alberta. They select 100% natural and organic ingredients and use them to craft artisanal, effective products that are designed for your specific skin type and also kind to your skin. I had the pleasure of attending a media event in Market Mall a few months ago, where I got talking to the co-founder, Karina Birch. It impressed me how she is able to manage a family, a social life and an ever expanding business model and still stay sane. Her commitment to maintaining a balanced lifestyle was living proof to me that you can pursue your career goals without losing sight of your other priorities in life. It was amazing to find out how their lab initially adapted the same techniques that were used hundreds of years ago to create bars of soap. By combining essential oils and natural ingredients, they let their soap cure for 8 weeks and then hand cut it into bars. More than a decade later this process hasn’t changed. However, they have added a wide range of new products including sugar scrubs, body butters and shampoos, with season scents and new categories including baby care and Yoga. All the products are still created from scratch, and with 100% natural ingredients. Below I’ve tested and reviewed a few of their products so have a look and comment below to let me know what you think!

This nifty little cakebox is one of my favourite purchases from RMSC. Ever since I attended my first Bikram class in Calgary, i’ve been obsessed with the calming and refreshing effects of lemongrass. I remember my instructor placing that icy, lemongrass soaked towel on my head at the end of class and feeling that sense of relief and calm wash over me as the aroma filled the muggy, sweaty atmosphere. In 2015 RMSC came up with the notion of hiring art students to create illustrated  designs for their new boxed gift sets. These are custom designs and were inspired by the celebration of classic, simple moments of joy. I love that they employed students from our local art college in Calgary to create this! Being a massive art fan myself, and a supporter of small businesses.. it was satisfying to know that two separate talents can come together to create honest products. The boxes are made from sustainable material and tell little stories.. this one featuring a little man watering his plants.

Vanilla Coconut Body Oil and Hand Cream

Vanilla Coconut Body Oil and Hand Cream (click to enlarge)

These are new products at RMSC. While I’ve never been much of a fan of Vanilla in body products. I can say that the hand cream really changed that for me. Its soft and subtle, unlike the sugary, sharp scents from various other bodycare places. The combination with the coconut makes it smell like a light and fluffy dessert. Similarly the body oil is fantastic. During these long winter months my hands are often cracked and bleeding so these two products have been handy to carry around in my bag. If you prefer more fruity scents, the Juicy Cherry and lemongrass scents are a couple of my Personal favourites.

Frankincense & Avocado hydrating face serum

Frankincense & Avocado hydrating face serum (click to enlarge)

Wow. Thats all I can say about this face serum. If the dry and cracked hand in the photo didn’t already make you aware of how dry and bitterly cold it is in Canada, let me just tell you that I have never gone a year without having horrible dry, pale, lifeless problem with my skin at some point during the season. I basically look like a walking ghost from January-April. I can be really skeptical of anything labeled “serum” “hydrating” or “revitalizing”.. you see it so often in the skincare industry and most of the time it doesn’t make much difference and you start to tune it out as being a bit of a scam. So after cleansing one morning I thought i’d give it a go. I was incredibly surprised at the long lasting effects of this stuff. I don’t know which ingredient it is that leaves your skin feeling so soft, I’ve never heard of Frankincense or Avocado in face products before. Regardless, it really does work like a charm. I couldn’t stop touching my face all day and the horrible dryness around my lips disappeared completely by the evening.

Aloe & Honey Face Mask

Aloe & Honey Face Mask (click to enlarge)

Also, this face mask will give you a vitamin boost of botanicals and is very beneficial for dry skin like mine. I used this right before applying the face serum mentioned previously.

Hydrating Face Serum & Revitalizing Face Polish

Hydrating Face Serum & Revitalizing Face Polish (click to enlarge)

Along with the face serum comes the face polish. This dry scrub can be combined with water, cleansing oil (again, great for dry skin!) or any other natural base. Coconut shell and bamboo make this the perfect middle of the road scrub, not too mild, not too extreme. A while back I received the Pomegranate Day Cream from a close friend and was pleased to find out that it is actually the final step in this unique skin care system. The polish contains Moroccan Lava Clay which helps reduce dryness and improves skin elasticity. The top twists to open and works like talcum powder for easier use as well.

Vanilla Mint Hand Lotion

Vanilla Mint Hand Lotion (click to enlarge)

Again, another Vanilla Product. But yet again, paired with the mint made it super delightful and very different from the Vanilla & Coconut combination I mentioned before. Regardless of what scent you go with, whether it be lavender, cherry, lemongrass, apricot.. you still feel the moisturizing effects on your hand. Ive been using their hand creams for years, especially during the winter months, and rarely find myself investing in anything else.

Lemongrass Body Butter

Lemongrass Body Butter (click to enlarge)

Since they first came out with the body butter, i’ve been slathered this stuff all over me each and every week. Whether its Pre-workout, post-workout, pre-dinner, pre-bedtime, i just love how easy it is to apply. It seriously smells amazing. If lemongrass isnt your cup of tea though, there are a whole selection of other scents, including a Fir Needle foot butter which I use after every hike with their Fir Needle & Grapefruit foot salts.. but I’ll get into that another time. 😉

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