Product: Breathe Deeply – Saje Yoga Kit

Product: Breathe Deeply – Saje Yoga Kit

Product: Breathe Deeply – Saje Yoga Kit


Excercise always makes me happier, in fact, im sure it makes most people happier.. but I have a terrible tendency to stop working out when life gets to busy and find myself overwhelmed with stress, terrible diet choices and bad mood swings. One of my good friends got me this Yoga kit as a gift from Saje Natural Wellness and for about a month afterwards, I let it sit in my drawer as I tried to manage life a bit better and get into a better routine. Finally, this past Thursday evening, after having a pity party for myself pretty much each and every night (which included far too many timbits, lattes and late night episodes of House), I got fed up with myself and signed up for a flow Yoga class. Before heading out the door, I retrieved the kit from my drawer and shoved it in my bag. I didn’t even look to see what was inside it, but the fact that it said “You’re awesome” on the front already make me feel good about it. Once I arrived at my class, and went through the regular ritual of retrieving straps, bolsters, blocks and blankets.

I have an annoying tendency to be the early bird to everything I ever attend so as per usual.. I was about 15 minutes early.  I sat there, alone for a couple minutes before remembering to pull out the Yoga kit from my mat bag.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Peppermint Halo. It said it was for headaches and came in a teeny tiny roller tube. Perfect.

I’d heard a lot about this little tube as a few of my friends apply it to help them sleep at night. I was already feeling tired, dehydrated and anxious, probably due to staring at the computer screen and eating carby lunches most of the week. My head was throbbing with exhaustion so I rubbed the roller ball onto my temples, feeling a cold rush from the menthol in the peppermint. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it felt like my headache almost melted off my forehead. I know that probably sounds quite silly. It’s a normal sensation to have with products with menthol in them.. but the combination of the peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender sent my system into relax mode almost immediately.  I felt my shoulders drop, releasing that tension i’d been holding in all month. I’ve never been into essential oils much, I don’t even know much about their restorative properties.. but once my senses picked up on them, it amazed me how it resulted in a more relaxed state of mind nearly immediately.


Next I pulled out a little amber bottle called “Yoga transition mist”.

Sounded perplexing.

I looked at the ingredients… orange, patchouli, rosewood, cardamon, cedarwood. Sounds earthy.

The class was starting to fill up a little more so I scanned the bottle for instructions. It said “with eyes and mouth closed, mist face, neck and chest areas and breathe deeply”.

Dang. I really should have done this in the change room beforehand. I was going to look like some wannabe hippy flaunting their vegan au natural lifestyle. Exhibit A of my tendency to worry and overanalyze with pretty much everything.

Thankfully people were still murmuring quietly amongst themselves so I quickly spritzed myself in a little cloud of “transition mist”… hoping for a second that I might “transition” to a 10 pound lighter, 2-inch taller version of myself. No such luck.

It smelled good, I felt like I was surrounded by a little aura of medicinal, healing ingredients for the next hour and a half. The cedarwood was definitely easy to distinguish and it reminded me of the way a rainy hike in the rockies smelled.

There is something about earthy scents like cedarwood, pine and redwood that makes me super aware of how i’m living. We are surrounded by so many artificial scents, as well as foods.. that sometimes its a shock to the system to experience something in its natural form. It seems to trigger an urge to eat a little better and be outdoors. Perhaps that’s just me, but it became a little clearer how scent can actually aid in the journey to lose weight, better eating or stress management.


I think that was perhaps the most relaxing class i’ve had in a while. Being a naturally competitive person, i’ve often found myself sneaking glances at the person next to me, striving to hold the posture for as long as the guy in front of me, or constantly perfecting and correcting my positions without having to be adjusted by the instructor. But today it was so easy to listen to the aches and pains of my body and just go as far as I needed without wondering if i looked good and was doing it perfectly. By the end of the class I was hit with a wall of exhaustion that terrified me a little bit. I could see the adverse affects that stress had on my body.. and how my anxiety was covering up that exhaustive pain like a bandaid.

Finally once the class was over I pulled out the last little bottle, Antibacterial mat spray. I sprayed down my mat and paused for a bit while I inhaled the gentle tones of lavender and pine.


After rolling up my mat, I went home and had one of the best nights sleep i’ve had in months. I woke up with pain all over my body, but the good kind of pain that means your body is on the road to recovery. So here I am, getting back into the routine of drinking more water, stretching every morning, attempting to live life a littler slower than I have in the past and of course, being more mindful of what Im putting into my body and onto my body.

Whenever a product ends up being an experience for me, I feel that I need to write about it. I’ve always been a big fan of Saje Natural Wellness ever since my friend introduced me to them. The fact that they are also Canadian inspired me to do a write up of this impressive little product. Sound off below to let me know what you think!

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