Product: Summer Favourites

Product: Summer Favourites

Product: Summer Favourites

The Canada Day weekend turned into the best weekend I’ve had all year. Not only was I was outside, hiking up and down the Banff National Park trails in beautiful places with familiar faces, but I was also putting my new summer goodies to the test.

This summer Rocky Mountain Soap Company came out with a few new products and they gave me some samples to try out and review. Saturday we were planning to head up to the teahouse at Lake Louise, so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try them out and give you guys some feedback on my favourite mountain based company.


Upon arriving, we were relieved to see that the weather was bright and clear, but not blistering hot. Last year we struggled to make it to the little beehive under the sweltering heat and I was looking forward to taking it easy this time and had my fingers crossed for a nice breeze.

As we waited for the rest of our crew, the Vanilla Coconut lip butter was immediately applied as I recalled my burnt face the last time. Definitely wanted to avoid that, so next was the Vanilla coconut sunscreen. It applied easily and moisturized the skin without leaving a greasy residue, I really liked that a lot. They paired together nicely, and the sweet scent of coconut wasn’t overpowering like a lot of sunscreens and oils tend to be. Both items contain zinc oxide which protects against UVA and UVB rays, a natural and safe ingredient to protect from the suns harmful effects. I don’t particularly like coconut as a body lotion scent, but this one is softened enough with the vanilla so that it doesn’t make you smell like a sickly sweet bakery. Lemongrass has always been my go to when it comes to lip butter, but I really liked how easily this one applied and the fact that it would protect my skin as well with the zinc oxide.

We set off on the trail and I began to snap away happily at the scenery around me. Halfway up the trail, we came to a clearing where we could see the canoes down below like matchsticks floating in a sea of kool-aid. At times the perspective would throw me off and the canoes looked as if they were floating in mid air in some instances. The most commonly remarked thing about Lake Louise is the dazzling blue of the water so it was unsurprising to see others remark on the same thing.


Carrying around a heavy backpack constantly tends to leave my shoulders pretty sore and chaffed. So as we began to approach the teahouse I started to feel a little bit of sunburn on my shoulders. It wasn’t too hot, and it was getting pretty overcast, but we were exposed enough that i was starting to get a little pink around the shoulders. This is where the After Sun butter really came in handy for me. During lunch I applied it all over my shoulders, letting it dry before strapping my backpack on again and heading back down the trail. Later on after I got home, I noticed that while my arms were peeling a little bit in the places that I forgot to apply sunscreen to, my shoulders were totally fine, with minimal redness, and absolutely no peeling whatsoever. This was really surprising as I wasn’t entirely sure what Calendula did for the skin, but apparently it has healing properties as well as deeply nourishes the skin to prevent peeling and visible damage. It smells amazing, and the hints of french lavender were soothing and refreshing.

The jaunt back down the trail took only 45 minutes, and as we gave the thumbs up to an exhausted family of 4 heading up the way,  the woman remarked to me;

“Wow, you sure smell good for being so sweaty.”

For a moment I worried that grizzly bears might be interested in a vanilla coconut snack… but I was glad that I still smelled great despite looking like a hot mess.


Once we arrived back at the car, sweaty but happy, it occurred to me that I’d forgotten about the Outdoor spray, a sweet blend of citrus and mint for application before/after any outdoor activity. Once we got in the car though,  it was clear this would be a necessity before driving an hour and a half back to Calgary!

The mint is refreshing while the Citrus is cleansing and revitalizing. I thought it would be my least favourite of the bunch but it actually turned out to be the perfect post-hike mist with a bunch of sweaty boys in the car. Clearly it also puts you to sleep as well as i was the only one awake 20 minutes into the drive.

I never got to use the breakout buster on this hike, a product that i’ve already used quite a bit. It was still sitting in my backpack, untouched and unopened. But having used the product for nearly a year now, I can say confidently that it is an amazing product for any kind of acne, boils, zits and cold sores. Had the weather been hotter, i would have likely used it for any bug bites I got, but thankfully we escaped any hungry mosquitos this time. It is a tea tree blend and is an anti-inflammatory product that works wonders on any unwelcome spots.

So these are definitely my summer favourites for the year, comment below with any questions and feel free to check them out online! Stay tuned for my coming blog posts on Tentree and Barbados. I will be putting together some more articles on my photography and recent work so take a look at my galleries for any updates and new material for purchase.

Happy Thursday!

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