Product: Straight from Britain – The Level Collective

Product: Straight from Britain – The Level Collective

Product: Straight from Britain – The Level Collective






Working with The Level Collective has been amazing.  Based out of Sheffield, in the UK, they are an adventure apparel company that hand-screenprints designs onto (super soft!) ethically-made Bamboo and Organic cotton garments. If that wasn’t eco friendly enough for you, they also use water-based eco inks to print their designs. I was in love with their feed the moment I came across it over a year ago. On their website they state that the designs are created by some of the best emerging illustrators, graphic designers and typographers they can find… and not only do I wholeheartedly agree with them (in LOVE with their “Made for the Mountains” sweater), but I also appreciate their commitment to supporting the surrounding community of creative artists and designers.  In the photo above I’m wearing their “Through The Pines t-shirt, paired with a field overcoat. The photo was taken at Wedge pond on a crisp blue day in Kananaskis Country.  It’s so soft and sometimes I find myself wearing these shirts to bed.


Venture Often T-Shirt created by Brothers Design Company, based out of Nashville, TN

As i mentioned, all of their clothing is made ethically and sustainably –  T-Shirts are Bamboo / Organic cotton blend, sweaters are 100% organic cotton. Also, working conditions, pay, working hours, employee rights of the makers have been formally approved by FairWear Foundation.  Hats are custom handmade in Romania by a social enterprise which works to open up opportunities for families who are struggling with conditions of poverty.


“Made For The Mountains” Sweater

Its important to me to know the process of what goes into making the products that I choose to wear and feature in my IG feed. The Level Collective is close to my heart because they really express their values and motives purely in the way that United By Blue, Tentree and Rocky Mountain Soap also do. I’ve formed friendships with the founders of these companies and have been really enlightened by my conversations with them. Their passion and life goals are so easy to spot in the products they create, and it makes me realize how important it is to find a purpose in life… even if its just to make a small change in someones life. There really is something to be said about pursuing meaningful work, even if your purpose is simply to make sure you have food on the table for your family, it leaves a mark and it affects someones life positively.


Cannon Beach, Oregon. Me wearing one of my favourite shirts with the slogan "Take me to the Mountains"

Cannon Beach, Oregon. Me wearing one of my favourite shirts with the slogan “Take me to the Mountains”

So when I received my “Made for the Mountains” sweater, it really hit me how important it is to promote these companies and give them a little boost whenever you can. While I understand the irritating side of sponsorship and the eye-rolling sensation of having products pushed in your face.. I believe that companies who express themselves with transparency are worth taking notice of. This sweater became a staple item for my trips up to the Rockies, not because I wanted to promote it through my photography, but because it made me feel proud when that one person stopped me at Lake Louise and said “Where did you get that sweater?” and I had the opportunity to tell her where I got it and why I wear it.


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  • Sam H

    It’s great to see local artists getting their work out there. Took a look on their website and I really love their designs and ethical message.

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