Product: Outfitted for Adventure with United By Blue

Product: Outfitted for Adventure with United By Blue

Product: Outfitted for Adventure with United By Blue

It was love at first sight when I came across United By Blue in my Instagram feed. Filled with practical & stylish apparel, camping necessities, appliances and home decor, it really is heaven for the modern day adventurer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the folks at United By Blue since last year and its been an absolute treat. Not only are their products appealing to the eye (the design factor is definitely on point.) but they are also durable and well made meaning you won’t be worried about layering up during the cold season or nervous that your socks aren’t thick enough for that winter hike you were planning on doing.


One distinguishing factor about them is that they are passionate about the ocean and the waterways of this continent. Founded in 2010, they were driven by the idea of associating the sale of each product with a concrete environmental action. For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups. What I really appreciate about United By Blue is the fact that they actually get out there and do the work. Charity is always appreciated and should never be overlooked no matter what form it comes in, however, there is something special about the individuals who not only promote positive impact through their business, but actually apply it by getting out there and cleaning it up themselves.


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Processed with VSCOcam with e2 preset

In September of 2013 they opened their flagship store and coffeehouse in Old City, Philadelphia at 144 N. 2nd Street in an early 1900s building. Similar to Rocky Mountain Soap Co., they opted to use repurposed materials for their store, further establishing their commitment to sustaining the world in which we live in.

On their website, they are quoted as saying this;

“An outdoor apparel brand located in Philadelphia is something you don’t often hear, but we’re happy to start changing that mindset. We’re inspired by the go-getters, the landscape around the waters we clean, and a really good cup of pour over coffee. We are endlessly putting in that extra effort to make sure our apparel and accessories are not only made responsibly, but also durable for that next great adventure.”

The pictures in this article are from my real life adventures out in the mountains, whether its an autumn cookout at the Kananaskis Lakes with friends, a coffee pitstop with a handy Aeropress at Moraine Lake, a summer picnic in the park  or Christmas at the Cabin with a festive Moscow Mule.. United By Blue has been a part of my adventures during every season.


A few of my favourite items have been as follows;

• Martel Wool Vest in Heather Grey – Keeps me really warm and cozy underneath my winter shell jacket. Alternatively I pair it with a flannel shirt and can stay quite warm despite not having a jacket on.

• Copper Mule Mug – Recently I spent some time away at a cabin in Canmore with my fam jam and my british cousin made us some Moscow Mules a couple of times. Theres just something awesome about having a cocktail in this mug.. especially around Christmas Time. It stays extra cold and looks simply awesome in photographs which is a nice bonus.

• Derby Tier Backpack in Olive Green – I cannot say enough good things about this backpack. I really really love it and it goes everywhere with me. I get so many compliments on it. It’s also really roomy so I can fit my tripod in it along with my camera, lenses and a sweater for the day. I’m always a sucker for products that look great in photos and this backpack hits the mark, every time.


Signing out for the day, its been a long one. January is shaping up to be a busy month, but after looking at these pictures of my 2015 moments, its time to make some new ones this weekend!

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