Rocky Mountain Soap: September Picks

Rocky Mountain Soap: September Picks

Rocky Mountain Soap: September Picks

Happy September to everyone!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been catching up with my blog work and trying hard to get back into the swing of things again, but its taken nearly the whole month to find that balance. Thankfully my September picks for Rocky Mountain Soap Co. are centred around aromatherapy.

As it starts to get colder outside, the time to curl up on the couch with a book (and a cold, in my case) starts to roll in, and there’s nothing quite like a new diffuser to make that even more relaxing. Recently Rocky Mountain Soap came out with their own diffuser/humidifier and I was SO excited to get my hands on it. Due to the stress levels from this months workload, it was something I was looking forward to receiving in the mail.

Upon arrival, I unboxed it and was immediately delighted to see two things… the diffuser had a wooden base made of beech wood…and a ceramic top! It looked beautiful and it was so satisfying to see one that wasn’t made entirely from plastic. I bought my mom one for mothers day last year and despite LOOKING like wood, it was actually made from recycled, printed plastic and left me somewhat disappointed. It got points for being environmentally conscious, but it just didn’t have the right visual appeal that the wooden one did. The TEO ultrasonic aroma air diffuser was an instant 10/10 visually (although I did almost drop the lid and shatter it into a million pieces) and if i can be perfectly candid, I wouldn’t say I had high hopes initially as I’ve always struggled to love the diffuser designs from my other favourite wellness and body care shops.

It was a beautiful accent to my desk and instead of looking odd and out of place, looked trendy and blended in with my furniture.

The inside chamber is plastic, but easy to take apart and clean, and when filled it lasts for roughly 4-5 hours. I love the teardrop shape and the black cord can be easily hidden away from sight. Over all,  it’s minimal, it’s functional… and it would be my first choice based on what’s on the market right now.

So the design element was certainly a bonus, so lets check that off the list. But i think what really makes this diffuser worth the $88.00 price point is the settings. Because of the ceramic cover it emits a really comforting glow, particularly on the “meditative” setting, which pulses light and is a very soft light source, even in the dark. It can also be set on a timer with 3 different settings and I really like this feature a lot for bedtime.

Along with the diffuser, I picked out a few essential oils that would help me to de-stress and recharge. I have a collection from Saje Wellness that I frequently use, but it was nice to try some new blends by Rocky Mountain Soap Co. that were designed specifically for sleep and stress. Below are a list of the ones I currently have;

Probably my favourite one had to be “Deep Sleep”. The aroma of sandalwood mixed with french lavender and ylang-ylang is a perfect combination with my “sleepy” body Lotion from Lush cosmetics. But considering the cold I am currently battling, I should have also picked up “Breathe Easy” and the Eucalyptus oils.

Overall, Rocky Mountain Soap Co. really hit the mark again with this product. I am looking forward to maybe seeing more EO blends… I would love to see a Yoga Blend hit the shelves as well as well as an outdoorsy Balsam one, buuut the world doesn’t revolve around me (annoyingly). For now it has just been a lovely, organic transition into Autumn with my little puffy machine sending my stress levels on a much needed nose dive.

Sound off below!

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Comments ( 36 )

  • Lynn Macdonald

    The ceramic and wood is definitely a nice touch! I also have a plastic one from Greenworks that i struggle to love. I love that this one uses real wood for the base. 🙂

  • Hannah

    Visual aesthetics on point

  • Chanel

    I recently purchased the diffuser for myself and I absolutely love it! I put it on every night before I go to sleep with some eucalyptus oil, also from Rocky Mountain. Its so relaxing and makes the room smell amazing!

  • Chelsea Diane

    I’m obsessed with EOs and absolutely love you photography and blog. Beautiful. ❤️

  • Baillee

    I am looking for another diffuser for my bedroom and this one would be perfect! I love the wood on the base.

  • Allanah

    I have yet to try RMSC’s essential oils but after reading your blog I plan to head in to the store this weekend to grab a couple oils. I also love the design of the diffuser! My current one is from Young Living and I am not a fan of the all plastic design. I may have to grab a diffuser as well!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      So happy to hear that Allanah! I’m really happy to see so many people agree with me on the wood and ceramic design. I have such respect for this company! Thanks for entering the giveaway and leaving such a thoughtful comment 🙂

  • Alyssa

    I absolutely love this time of year and same as you, curling up with a book and coming down with a cold. I don’t love getting a cold but it seems to be my right of passage. With my diffuser it seems to help and always makes me feel better.

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Agreed Alyssa! Thank you for commenting and entering the giveaway! Its definitely that time of year where the diffuser really comes in handy 🙂 hopefully a little Eucalyptus and tea tree can help keep those colds at bay this season!

  • Taylor

    RMSC for the win! I haven’t tried their essential oils yet, but my interest in oils keeps growing. How do you like the stress away blend? I’m on the hunt to find something to help with stress, and I’d love to know what you think of it!!!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thank you for commenting Taylor, and entering the giveaway! 🙂 At first I was expecting something a lot more lavender based…yno, something to sooth and relax… but the sharp citrus tones is actually quite revitalizing which is a nice combination with the rosemary and lavender which are soothing.

      I use it while i do a lot of computer work and it helps me concentrate. It pairs nicely with the sleepy lotion from Lush, a great combo before bed in my opinion!

  • Miranda

    Love it officially on my shopping list

  • Emily

    RMSC does so many products incredibly well, and essential oils is another on the list. I have two diffusers and adore them. Eucalyptus and lemongrass are my go-tos.

  • Lynn

    Great article. Recently visited RMS shop in canmore for the first time on my vacation. I absolutely love stress away! i use it every night!! it smells so good and is so relaxing. i alsi use eucalyptus and lemongrass in my baths 🙂

  • Cara

    Wow I really love the beechwood bottom on that diffuser! I have a diffuser from saje and though it is awesome I would love to get this one! I also had no idea that Rocky Mountain has essential oils! I am going to have to pick up that deep sleep blend it sounds amazing!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      I know! It was a huge selling point for me, it feels more earthy and substantial. I also am a huge fan of Saje Wellness and have their diffuser for the car… both are great companies!

  • Branwen

    I love the idea of diffusers and humidifiers, especially with the dry Alberta air, but I’m always so hesitant to get one with their hefty price tags and not really knowing if they work for me. But after reading your post I want one so badly! So cute and really affordable, plus I love Rocky Mountain Soap Co. So this really just makes me want to rush out and go get one!!!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thanks so much for commenting! I’m really glad that you found the article helpful, and I also agree that the price point of the diffuser is worthy based on the quality of the product. There are a lot of really great natural products out there, but RMSC always impresses me with their consistency and honesty. I hope you get one soon!

  • Abir Biranj

    I’ve literally been on the search for a diffuser and I was so close to resorting to a super basic one from Saje (my siblings both purchased theirs from there) but after reading this post I may end up being the odd one out and purchasing this one! Super happy I came across this, it was great!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thanks for commenting Abir! Im glad you found this article helpful, i am also a huge fan of saje wellness and have a cupboard full of their stuff… but there is something about RMSC design that stands out. Glad I could help!

  • Celine

    I love Rocky Mountain Soap ❤️

  • Andrea DeFinney

    Love love love Rocky Mountain Soap Co, but love in Toronto where there isn’t a store. Would absolutely love to win a gift pack!!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thanks for entering the giveaway Andrea, I’ve got two more to give away by the end of the week and you’ll be entered to win for all of them, thanks for entering!

  • Sarah

    Love the stress away essential oil. Rocky Mountain Soap Co. is the best.

  • Olivia

    Wow, the diffuser is gorgeous. I’m also in love with Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s lavender oil, so peaceful.

  • Chanel

    Recently ordered the deep sleep essential oil for my diffuser and its amazing at bed time when I am about to fall asleep! Smells so good. So relaxing!

  • Miranda

    Love that they’re local and the diffuser is so cute!

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