Product: Pocket Pharmacy

Product: Pocket Pharmacy

Product: Pocket Pharmacy


This week was a depressing one.

The Canada Day long weekend had come and gone, and I found myself staring off into space a lot as I sat at my desk recalling the hike from the past weekend to Lake Agnes. I’d done that hike once before, but it was refreshing to revisit it without the heavy heat from the year before. I still had the blisters to show for it, and my shoes were still at the front door, caked in mud and grass. It was probably one of the best weekends I had experienced all year, but the stale murmuring of office life was already starting to get me down again as I looked impatiently at the calendar.

Like magic, a surprise package appeared at my desk.

I’ve done a few posts about Saje Wellness and as a surprise they sent me one of their remedy kits. I opened up the box and pulled out the “Pocket Farmacy”, a product clearly developed in celebration of Canada Day. Much like Rocky Mountain Soap Co., Saje Wellness knows how to make me feel better on my blue days.

Needless to say, it was a pretty welcome surprise on such a lazy Wednesday afternoon.SAJEBLOG1web   What I love about Saje Wellness is not only their commitment to health and wellness, but also their diligence in providing the consumer with honest and useful information about the product. Once opening up the kit, I pulled out the familiar info booklet and started to scan each product for the health benefits and uses associated with each one.


Inside the kit was 6 roller ball vials, each one with a unique purpose. I recognized the peppermint halo, a product suggested to me by a good friend that relieves headaches and tension. That product appears in a previous post of mine, but I will reiterate that it is one of the BEST natural treatments for headaches that i’ve used and it smells very potent and crisp. Typically I use it before and after Yin Yoga and throughout the day if I have a cold or a lot of trouble sleeping.

Each vial is listed below with its product name and purpose. One of my favourites is the “eaters digest”… a new product for me, but definitely an interesting one. Although they don’t tell you this in the pamphlet (some kind of health and safety rule I am sure) you can actually ingest the eater’s digest by rolling it on the back of your hand after (or before) a heavy meal and then licking it. Because of the natural properties found in the fennel and peppermint, it will relief stomach pain and indigestion more effectively.


The trick is to use these vials in small amounts, so a lick to the back of the hand, a few drops in the nebulizer or a quick roll across the temples is all you need. None of these essential oils should be used in large quantities, and are strongly recommended for external use only, so my suggestion with the eaters digest is not endorsed by Saje Wellness but I can say from experience, it works well.

Additionally, the stress relief remedy has been such a helpful resource for me as I am a restless sleeper. Late nights editing on the computer take its toll on me, especially when my full time job demands the same amount of computer time during the day.  I go to bed wired sometimes, and the stress relief remedy helps to induce relaxation. Usually I roll it on the back of my neck and across my forehead before going to sleep. It was awesome to be restocked in so many of my favourite items.


This was not only a welcome surprise, but an exciting new item to bring with me on my next jaunt out to the mountains or across the world. Whether I get sick, feel anxious, tired or jet lagged.. I now have a travel friendly kit to take with me for all my ailments.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Canada Day! For me, it’s certainly brought to mind the wonderful companies and individuals who make up this nation, and I hope you get the opportunity to check them out for yourselves and pick up your own red ‘Pocket Farmacy’ kit. It’s my product choice of the month, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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