Spring Picks: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Spring Picks: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Spring Picks: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

As winter finally starts to show signs of relenting, and the days get lighter, longer and warmer… I felt it was time to share some of my Spring picks for Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

This month I decided to feature the products that I was using most during my trips to the mountains… and with flu season still knocking everyone down during March, I found a lot of their new wellness products getting me through the cold, miserable, snowy weeks. I’d been struggling along with reoccurring nasty cough for most of March, as well as a torn muscle around my ribs that resulted in me having to take proper painkillers for the first time in my life (not a fan of prescription medication… but this time I caved). For someone who hardly ever gets sick… it felt like 2018 was throwing me the middle finger or a punch to the gut.

That being said, here we have my top 4 product suggestions for Spring!

  1. Transformative Cleansing Oil – This product is one that i’ve featured already in my last post, it’s my new make up remover and the oil that I use consistently after scrubbing my face. Currently i’ve been using the coffee scrub from Lush (100% vegan product) but otherwise I pair this product with the face masks or face polish from RMSC. The restorative oil has Rosehip as its healing elements. There are lots of products for tightening and toning the skin but rose hips are among the the best options. They carry an astringent quality, keeping the skin elastic so it doesn’t develop wrinkles. Not only that but it eliminates flaws easily, heals burns and scars, and makes the skin look younger and vibrant.
  2. Bamboo Face Polish – This product was one that I was hesitant to feature during the winter months as most Canadians really struggle with the dryness of the climate and this product during the winter may irritate the skin in a way that the gentler Aloe and Coconut alternative polishes don’t. I love that Rocky Mountain Soap Co. make 3 varieties of this product for the purpose of catering to different skin types. Since I love a good scrub the Bamboo Face polish is perfect after a work out to eliminate clogged pores and leave you feeling energized.
  3. Headache Balm Remedy – This is a new product from RMSC that has quickly become one of my favourites. I love the fact that it is a balm instead of an oil. While I am a huge fan of the roller ball remedies available at Saje Wellness, the balm has an absorbent quality that I tend to prefer. It is almost like a lotion, but I recommend using it sparingly on your temples or wrists. A little goes a long way.
  4. Serenity Bath Salts – Since this is the most recent product I’ve tested, I figured I would feature it specifically… however, my personal favourite is the Cedarwood and Balsam Fir salts pictured below. The Serenity salts consist of Lavendar (known for aiding sleep, anxiety and emotional stress), Sweet orange and Cedarwood. The blend is fresh but relaxing.

The travel sized transformative cleansing oil is really useful for me not only on international travel but also for fitting in my pocket during a weekend away in the mountains. It works great as a makeup remover and i massage it into my skin after using the bamboo face polish

As usual guys, I would never advertise or feature a product that I wouldn’t use myself. These products in particular have been not only helpful for maintaining my skin during this very dry winter… but also therapeutic for my emotional and mental well being. In a day and age where there is a lot of unnecessary stress and bad news plaguing our day to day lives, we have to remember to look after ourselves.

Typically when I purchase the bath salts I get the larger bottle instead of the $6 packs. These ones in particular have amazing aromatherapy benefits and I love that they used Canadian elements in their Wellness line up.

When I decided to take a break from sharing my work over social media, it opened me up to new experiences that left me very humble and grateful for the life I had. I spent time outside of the realm of what feedback I could receive and started to look into opportunities where I could either give back to others, or give back to myself better. That involved learning more about what kind of diet keeps me balanced and healthy, what sort of products I actually felt good promoting… and which ones I didn’t. It involved going to Yoga classes with a different attitude, attending more late night candlelit restorative courses and tidying up the aspects of my life that had been sitting in disorganization for months or even years. I spent more time with my family and realized that there were friendships I was neglecting to nurture. The result was that I felt more like myself again, not plagued with anxiety and worry about the next post I would make or whether I was keeping up with the rest of my age group. Instead of reading the latest controversy online, I was soaking in the bath reading a memoir about a survivalist mormon girl who went to college for the first time. I found time to be compassionate about the things going on in the world, but not governed by the ongoing controversial debates either. I found myself investing in better, sustainable products… which surprisingly resulted in me having less stuff to clutter up my life. If it isn’t social media, maybe its your career, your finances, your children, or your relationships that cause you to worry or sacrifice a bit of your emotional health. We all have our pressure points, and while I certainly don’t encourage people to procrastinate or be lazy with their responsibilities, I also know how important it is to be good to your body and mind on a regular basis.

So take some time this April… as the birds start to sing and the ground begins to thaw, and give yourself (and your skin) a little extra love!

What’s your favourite product? Sound off below!

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Comments ( 20 )

  • Jordana

    This winter has been the WORST! Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Chelsea

    Ooooh! I didn’t know they had new bath salts… 😀

  • Katie

    So many great products to choose from. If I HAD to pick one 🙂 it might be the pomegranate face cream. Thanks for your post! Winter has been so long. I might need to go pick up some bath salts to make it through this chilly Spring.

    • Chloe Hibbert

      That is such a good product! Winter has been so long, and its probably the only year where i’ve been consistently plagued with a cough or cold! Looking forward to spring weather, thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I absolutely love the transformative cleansing oil!

    Thanks for sharing about your social media break! It was a refreshing read!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      So happy to hear that! Its on the more expensive side of the line up but its absolutely one of my favourite products… and I love that they also have a travel size. Thanks for commenting Michelle! 😀

  • Kelsey

    This is so good! My husband and I have recently started trying to purge our toxin-filled products from our bathroom and replace with them better alternatives and I’ve been fallin in love with RMSC! I love their lip balm and the juicy orange soap for my face! So fresh! I think I’ll have to try out some of their scrubs, and I get really frequent migraines so I might try out that headache balm! Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Thanks for commenting Kelsey! That is great news, when i started sifting out products I was so surprised at how little I needed in my cupboard… I used to get an allergic reaction to certain unnamed drugstore brands so I found out quickly that natural is the way to go! Have a great day! 🙂

  • Orysha

    I am still fairly new to RMSC but I love the Transformative Cleansing Oil, such a nice way to cleanse without using harsh chemicals on my face. The purity and calm serums are also a favorite too! Thanks for highlighting new products.

  • Chanel

    Love this blog post! I currently have the transformative oil and bamboo face polish sitting in my cart to purchase. This assures me I’m making a good decision in ordering these products. Between the cold winter air and being pregnant. I need some extra TLC on my face.

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Awesome! You will love the bamboo polish, its such a great product (and smells great too) i’m also a huge fan of the Vanilla Coconut one as well 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  • Chanel

    My fav RMSC product right now is the Belly Butter

  • Rhea

    The wellness balms are lifesaving. I am obsessed with the deep sleep one and just ordered it and the headache balms for my sister who is going through cancer treatments…I cannot say enough good things about this company…their root beer bubble bath is a fave with my little guy and like you said, their transformative facial oil is brilliant. I love their toners and day cream too and have their bamboo polish in a shipment on its way here as we speak. Their soaps are great as well, especially the pumpkin one for my dry sensitive skin. I love the soap sacs you can get for them too! I couldn’t pick just one favourite item from RMSC and I’m working at trying everything!

    • Chloe Hibbert

      Agreed!:) I’ve only just recently gotten into the deep sleep one, but you are right, its amazing! I find it’s comforting to know that there are businesses out there dedicated to making sure people are receiving the best and healthiest products. Not everyone has the time to educate themselves on each and every ingredient… especially those like your sister who has more pressing things on her mind. Thanks so much for sharing Rhea!

  • Megan

    This is a great post! I will have to try these products. I haven’t tried Rocky Moiuntain Soap Co before, but by the sounds of this I will have some new favourites.

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