Summer in Paris

Summer in Paris

Summer in Paris

I’ve heard people say that Paris is overrated, and there is a measure of truth to it when you visit the iconic places on a summer weekend like I did back in August. People are constantly bumping into you as they attempt to take a selfie with the Louvre behind them, plastic eiffel towers are thrust in your face and the Galeries Lafayette was simply brimming with shoppers. Due to the tragic terror attacks, security was also amped up (no complaints) and getting around took quite a bit longer due to bag searches and pat downs. It added a certain heaviness to the weekend and it was sad to pass through Place de la République, which became the focal point for mourning after deadly attacks in the French capital. The makeshift memorial was centred at the monument, which was covered with candles and pictures of the victims, poems and graffiti. Unbeknownst to me, it was cleaned up by the city only a few days after I left… but it was gut-wrenching to catch a small glimpse of the cities sorrow. I found out out that objects gathered during the cleanup would be preserved in the city’s archives and at the Carnavalet Museum.

But despite the recent tragedies, Paris still had so much beauty to offer.The mornings were so quiet and it felt like a dream to walk down some of the side streets and take in the architecture without the bustle of tourists. Europe always feels like a fairytale to me, with a deeper and richer history than the west, boasting some of the most amazing architecture and cuisine. Despite being a short visit, I got a taste of Paris that has left me wanting to go back for more.


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