Top 9 Makers – September Edition

Top 9 Makers – September Edition

Top 9 Makers – September Edition

Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing apparel brands and makers who have worked hard to get their name out there, and most importantly, present the consumer with an honest product. Here is a list of 9 of my favourites for September.

I hope you enjoy, and check them out!

1. Tentree

Tentree is perhaps one of the biggest success stories from Dragons Den. I remember watching them pitch their idea, and seeing their business lift off the ground almost immediately. I think I spent most of last year buzzing around in my car with their apparel on. Cozy sweaters and plaid at Moraine Lake, casual t-shirts in downtown Vancouver, tank tops on my summer hikes in Banff… I love their business model and the honesty of their product. With every purchase 10 trees are planted, and not only that, but they do the work themselves. They don’t just donate to a cause, but they actually do the work to make the environment around them flourish.


On their website they give this statement;

“Not only does reforestation revitalize dry arid soil and provide a substantial oxygen supply, but it directly benefits locals living in the area by providing wood for fuel, food, and fodder for livestock, as well as permanent and seasonal employment. We have partnered with not-for-profits across the planet to ensure tentree has a truly global footprint, and can identify the regions that will benefit most from our planting.”


To me, Tentree was one of those original companies that really pushed the idea of being transparent about their business practices. They have a Treemap on their website which enables you to see where your trees are planted (thanks to a unique code pinned to each garment) and what sort of impact those trees have on the area.


Whatever the season might be, i’ve spent my weekends, my work week, my evenings by the fire in my Tentree apparel.

It’s a mark of Canadian pride, and im proud to be able to represent the brand.


2. The Level Collective

This company came to my attention pretty much immediately after I started up my IG account. Not only is their feed on point, but the designers they collaborate with create some amazing work. Their ‘Made for the Mountains’ sweatshirt, designed by Christopher Perry is one of my favourites along with the Take me to the Mountains T-shirt designed by Mark van Leeuwen.


Another favourite is the ‘Venture Often’ shirt featured below, not only because the camper van design is so striking, but because it is one of the comfiest ones that I own. It’s a heavier cotton material and super soft and I love the heather grey, textured look of the shirt paired with plaid or a light jacket.

Additionally, the Level Collective hand-screenprint these designs onto soft ethically-made (Bamboo and organic cotton garments) with water-based eco inks in Sheffield, UK in an effort to be kind to the environment.


Not only are they sourcing their garments responsibly and printing with safe eco inks, but they also support emerging designers/typographers around the world, building community and creating new bonds from near and far.

Much like Tentree, The Level Collective aims to be honest and transparent with their customers, and this is why they are on my top 10.

levelweb1 levelweb2

3. Peace Collective

Canadian and flaunting it. That’s how I feel about the Peace Collective.

I picked up the ‘Canadian Built’ sweater from the Uncommons in Inglewood, Calgary and it remains one of my favourite pullovers in my wardrobe.


Iconic Moraine Lake seemed like the perfect location to capture these products in. We arrived at 7am… before the Saturday rush of tourists. I’ve been here countless times, but I couldn’t resist capturing a few shots despite the wind whistling through the valley and the rain patting lightly on the lake.


I love how blatantly Canadian this brand is, and although I see a lot of urban explorers promoting this brand (particularly in Toronto, where this brand is based), it makes me feel happy to walk around Banff in my “Home is Canada” tee, grateful and aware of the fact that my home is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

4. United By Blue

United by Blue is my favourite in terms of their mission. Not only are they focused on protecting and maintaining the quality of our waterways, but they also have an extensive line up of camping gear, apparel and home decor that is ideal for the outdoorsy crowd. Much like Tentree, United By Blue aims to do the work themselves by cleaning up 1 pound of trash with every purchase. They collectively work to clean up and protect these natural areas while providing the public with gear and apparel to use on outdoor adventures.


Pictured above is me at Spray Lakes with my favourite backpack from them. The Derby Tier backpack has been a staple in my wardrobe for the past year and can comfortably hold my tripod, camera, food and enamel wear for day hikes.

Backpack - Derby Tier

Below are three of my favourite products, the copper mule mug, wool gloves and matching heather grey wool vest. During my stay in Canmore over Christmas, I used these items a ton (probably the mule mug a little too much…) and was pleased to see how their items were not only stylish, but practical for our harsh Canadian winters.


5. Camp Brand Goods

If you stop and look around for a few minutes on a busy Calgary street, you will likely spot a “Happy Camper” roaming the city. Us Calgarians are very proud of our locally grown, Inglewood based duo, Leslie and Connor, who founded Camp Brand Goods. Instafamous Mike Seehagel looks after the photography for their seasonal catalog which often features the duos fluffy dogs and friends.

portrait camphat

Personal favourites from CBG are the ‘Happy Camper’ pullover sweaters and of course, one of their warm toques for winter. The enamel mugs are a staple for camping and their products can be found at the newly established storefront, The Livery.


6. Power of My People

The power of a linen shirt.

Breathable, comfy, textured.


Power of My people is based out of Vancouver and creates contemporary, comfortable linen button downs. Usually I wear these shirts to work, or on a nice evening out, but they pair well with a denim jacket or over a graphic tee for a more casual, hiking look.


I took it to Angels Landing in Utah, and was surprised by how wearable it was even in the blistering heat. Made for a good picture with a slight vintage effect, and brought to light the tom-boy influences that originally inspired the creators. Quality matters with Kyle and Jessica, but so does community. They are emerging as leaders in the Vancouver area, doing pop up shops and educating consumers about their products and materials. It was an honour to be included in their community effect.

7. Treeline Outdoors

One of the first brands I’ve collaborated with, and definitely founded by some of the most authentic Canadians around. Chad and Erin seem to be either camping, cooking or fishing every weekend. They sell rooftop tents for your jeep/suv as well as a line of hatchets, hats, shirts and socks. The socks are AMAZING, thick lambswool and so warm that your toes are guaranteed to stay toasty and dry during snowboarding or winter hiking. Pictured below is the hat, enamel mug and socks that accompany me on nearly every winter hike.

treeline1web TREELINE2web


8. Publish Brand

Publish Brand is my go-to when it comes to urban wear. While it is not an outdoors based company, it is classic styling that suits my day to day life in Calgary.  They are based out of California and carry a wide range of clothing and accessories.


Publish is a company established around the principle of manufacturing goods that are classic, even timeless in their sensibility. Casual with an air of sophistication. Through art and innovation, we hope to tell a story, and to learn yours in the process.


9. Woods Adventure Company

Woods Adventure Company was created by a group of friends in Calgary, Alberta who wanted to create an adventure brand around the community and what they loved. I have both their hoodie and pullover to keep me warm during the winter months and remind me to invest in local makers.



Let me know your thoughts below and feel free to leave suggestions on brands you love!



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