Weekend at Maligne Lake

Weekend at Maligne Lake

Weekend at Maligne Lake

Back in June I had the opportunity to spent a weekend away in Jasper National Park with Pursuit and Tourism Jasper. We drove out of Calgary into some pretty rough weather and I had been worried it would be a bit of a wash (photography wise). I felt sure I would be underwhelmed and that the overcast weather would ruin the opportunity to see Spirit Island at its best. But boy was I wrong. After having been there in the fall just before it shut down for the winter months, I had been blown away by the serenity of the place and enchanted by the glistening blue waters and pops of orange from the larches dotted across the surrounding mountains. Winter and Autumn tend to be my favourite seasons to photograph, but in the summer I absolutely adore a moody day out in the rockies, and I got exactly what I hoped for during this trip. As we boarded the boat and drove out towards perhaps the most famous photo location in Canada, the clouds hung lazily over the mountains, cutting in between the valleys and peaks. The water was still and undisturbed as the boat sliced through the vast lake towards the ‘Hall of the Gods’ for our 15 minute photo opportunity.

Heading out to Spirit Island – 10:00am departure time


The water was surprisingly still for such a cloudy day, I love how well the blue of the boat pops out cheerfully against the overcast tones.


During the ride, passengers (6 at a time) are permitted to take photos from the back of the boat. I would highly recommend this if you are interested in getting some cool photos of the boat and surrounding peaks.


Arrival at Spirit Island. The light was beautiful although still overcast.


Unlike my blog intro photo (which was taken in the fall when i first visited Spirit Island) the colours are a lot more muted. However, it was stunning and the moody tones and low hanging clouds definitely gave it a different look than the normal emerald and turquoise blues that reflect back on a sunny day.


Matt, (my trusty umbrella holder) helping me to frame a shot of the lake as it begun to brighten up as the clouds begun to break up and let some sunlight through

Along with the boat tour, we experienced the newly introduced lakeside buffet lunch at the historic Maligne Lake Chalet. Needless to say it was an incredible addition to the Maligne Lake Boat Tour experience. This particular meal was made complete with a piping hot fish based soup (especially nice after such a chilly morning), smashed potatoes, a variety of beautifully dressed salads, prime rib, pastas, and of course an assortment of fine desserts. As we sat in the brightly lit veranda, the sky opened up and the Lake turned the familiar shade of blue, twinkling in the sunlight at us as if the gloominess of the morning had never existed. It marked the end of a pretty incredible day out and was an experience I would very gladly pay for again.

(Youtube video of the Maligne Lake Luncheon posted by Pursuit)

The Maligne Lake Chalet is perhaps the coziest Historic location in the rockies. The view combined with the restored building, historic hanging photos, fireplace and vintage decor was the perfect nostalgic experience.


A quick snapshot of the salads offered for this days lunch. The menu changes frequently and we enjoyed a wide variety of hot and cold dishes for our afternoon in the Chalet


The interior is beautiful and cozy with a small bar tucked away in the corner.

To have these opportunities is of course, still technically considered work as I spent most of the time shooting and taking notes about my experiences. But on a day like this, it was also the perfect chance to unwind and enjoy the stillness of such a beautiful place. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in such an amazing and beautiful country, but to be able to share these experiences gives me purpose and hopefully gives all of you the incentive to come and experience it for yourselves one day.

The early morning view from the lakeside before the tour. By the time we returned, the sky was clear, the sun was warming us up and the water had turned a glistening blue.

Thoughts? Let me know what you think!

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