Winter Nights + Lush Cosmetics

Winter Nights + Lush Cosmetics

Winter Nights + Lush Cosmetics


Hey everyone!

Seems like February it taking forever to get through and I can’t WAIT for some spring weather. Having featured quite a few body care products lately, I only felt it was fair to also feature a prominent skincare line that everyone knows about…


Lush Cosmetics!!


I’ve seen eeeeendless videos of their bath bombs floating around instagram lately, but when I was offered the chance to review some new products and old favourites on my blog, there was no hesitation. Not only does Lush have a strong mission (and history) of producing environmentally conscious products, but they are also transparent about how their products are made and what charities they support. Below are a bunch of products from Lush that (I feel) are both ideal for travelling and for the days when you’ve simply had enough of work and want to kick back and relax.

But first…


Lush produces creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and other cosmetics for the face, hair, and body using only vegetarian or vegan recipes. They often contain fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit juice, avocado butter, rosemary oil, fresh papaya, vanilla beans and coconut. Some products contain lanolin, milk, eggs, honey, and beeswax. Products are marked as being vegan or not to assist consumers in finding the product that most suits their lifestyle. Parabens are used to preserve a number of the products.

Lush is also known for their bath bombs which are solid bars of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oils and natural butters that fizz out and can produce an array of colors. These bath bombs are seen all over Instagram and are a staple in many beauty bloggers feeds. Lush began selling their “Emotional Brilliance” makeup collection in 2012, which includes liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeliners, and cream shadows… I have yet to explore it, but it sounds awesome.


Below are 3 of my favourite Bath Bombs. 


INTERGALACTIC BATH BOMB – Every time I get this bath bomb, I save it for last. There are so many satisfying colours and swirls that it doesn’t surprise me why this bath bomb seems to be a blogger favourite.


GUARDIAN OF THE FOREST – this one is soooo relaxing, smells like the forest and much like the Frozen Bath Bomb, also has loads of glitter in it.


FROZEN BATH BOMB – This was a new one for me to try. I came out looking like a glittery goddess, and smelling like roses (literally, rose oil). The colour is so amazing, and it made me think of Barbados.. or kool-aid.. seeing as that’s probably all I can afford at this point.


What I was surprised at most, was that the Frozen bath bomb I tried tonight didn’t leave any residue, which has always been a problem for me with other bath bombs and discourages me from buying them again.

I’ll set the scene… you get out all relaxed, goddess-like and ready for a nap… but the glittery, multi-coloured film left around the edges is just so glaringly THERE that you have no choice but to spend the next 30 minutes scrubbing the tub down whilst reminding yourself repeatedly between scrubs to never…never…never… buy another bath bomb again.

I was pleasantly surprised when this bath bomb left the tub nearly clean, there was hardly any film and zero foamy bits around the tub edge.

Hopefully it wasn’t the residual glitter playing tricks on my eyes though… oh look your bath is clean. False. It is just sparkly.

I’ll be testing out others to see if this is consistent for all their products, but if you are looking for one that will leave your tub looking clean and drain properly, this is the one for you.





This item intrigued me, as I’ve never tried it before. It works really well with the conditioner bar and the combination of scents is delightful.

Although i think i would get more benefit from it if i had shorter hair, I still find the concept really clever and my hair was clean and soft after lathering with both bars. The shampoo bar smells soooo good… I think i wasted 5 minutes alone  just sniffing it in the shower before actually using it.

Simply soak the bar, and scrub some into your hands, lather and scrub into hair and rinse. Much more efficient than having 100 bottles lined around the shower floor… it comes in cute little silver tins as well so you can bring it in and refill it with a new one.


One of my co-workers genuinely thought this was for making your underwear softer… another reason why I love Lush and their slightly suggestive marketing techniques. This is in fact a “baby powder for adults” if you will, and leaves your skin feeling super soft, best applied after a shower or bath. Jasmine is one of my favourite scents so this has become a new favourite of mine and it’s ideal after a relaxing bath. Also, the bottle says I will be seriously sexy after use, so I mean really… can you go wrong with this?


I can’t say enough good things about the Mint Julips lip scrub. I’ve been using it for a while and it tastes SO good that sometimes I forget it’s just for application and not for eating. The Strawberry lip tint doesn’t help, it is deliciously fruit and is also a great moisturizer once you’ve scrubbed that dead skin off. Also, for our dry Canadian winters, both are a necessity since cracked, dry lips are perhaps the furthest thing from attractive.

Plus when I read the word “bombshell” it makes me feel good regardless, Lush has a way of making me feel confident I guess.

Thanks Lush.



This little black bottle has found a new home in my gym & travel bag. Not only is it the perfect toner post-workout, but it will also come in handy during my next overseas flight when things start to smell a little stale in the passenger cabin.

Simply a “breath of fresh air” as the bottle says.

So, to whoever gets to sit next to me on my next flight… you’re welcome.


  • Lush does not buy from companies that carry out, fund, or commission any animal testing.
  • Lush phased out its use of sodium palm kernelate, which is often derived from trees in the natural habitat of orangutans and home to tropical forests with overall endangered biodiversity. Lush soaps are now made with palm-free soap base.
  • Lush launched the ‘Charity Pot’ campaign in 2007. Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion with a self-preserving formula and a delicate floral perfume of ylang ylang and rosewood oils. Lush donates 100% of the price of every ‘Charity Pot’ purchased at their stores and online to small, grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. Since launching the Charity Pot program in 2007, Lush has donated more than $10,000,000 to over 850 grassroots charities in 42 countries.
  • Lush is a supporter of direct action, animal rights operations including Sea Shepherd, a group that works to protect whales, seals, and other aquatic animals.

Something else I really like about Lush is that it marks its black tub products with stickers of the actual creators of the product being sold. The company also offers customers a way to recycle used black pots by bringing empty ones back to the store for a free Fresh Face Mask for every five returned. Stores do not typically sell products older than four or five months and most products have a shelf life of approximately 14 months, depending on the particular item. This definitely encourages me as a consumer that they are a transparent company and really caused me to think about the true shelf life of skin and cosmetic products from other retailers.

So what do you think of Lush?

Sound off below!


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